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Your Phone System Impacts Customer Satisfaction In Ways You Don’t Realize

5 Basic reasons to upgrade your current phone system:

  1. Your current system is technically outdated. This complicates getting service on your system. Small repairs become very expensive and parts become hard to find.
  2. There is no room/capacity to add more users. Adding a few new users isn’t possible.
  3. Your office is moving. This is one of the best times to upgrade your system. The new system can be installed and ready for a quick cut over vs moving your current outdated system.
  4. Your business is adding new locations.  You don’t want to have to locate equipment for an outdated system when you can give your new office new phones and new applications.
  5. You want and need new technology. Features like mobile twinning, voicemail to email, support for your “road warriors”, and ease of setting up conference calls are just a few of the highlights.

With that said, many companies are considering what a move to an updated, fully featured phone system can do for their organization.  Many people making the decision about technology, think in terms of return on investment (ROI).  Aside from ease of service, and availability of parts, a new phone system can provide workers with the tools to be more efficient, depending upon the applications, and give them the ability to better serve your customers.


The phone system you have can impact how customers see your organization.

Customer satisfaction is measured in many ways today.  Look in your inbox at the many surveys received from past interactions with different vendors.  The one of the most critical ways your customer judges your organization today, is their interaction with you over the phone.  For example, how long did it take to answer?  How was the experience if they had to be transferred?  Were the menu items clear and concise if you use an auto attendant?  How long were they on hold, and for that matter, what about the music on hold?  Was it nice or annoying?

It’s easy to see how your phone system impacts your customer satisfaction scores. Another key benefit of having an up to date system is the ability to compete.  Do your employees have the necessary tools to react to an urgent customer inquiry?  If not, are these customers getting impatient and going to another provider?  Sometimes you don’t even know about it if it is the latter.  This is especially true with mobile workers.  Your folks in the field need the ability to respond quickly to your customers, and a phone system that allows for seamless movement of a call between your office network and a mobile phone can provide that capability.

The way you communicate in your business, is arguably the most important item that affects your success, and in turn, your bottom line.  Having an up to date phone system, with the features that your employees need to succeed, should be a critical element of any business/technology plan.


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