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Deploying Intelligent Storage
for Video Surveillance and
Physical Security

Addressing New Surveillance Challenges

From on-body police cameras to 24/7 monitoring of major transportation hubs, video has become a strategic source of information, insights, and intelligence. Organizations are storing ever-increasing amounts of video captured from low-cost, high-resolution cameras, and they’re retaining the content for longer periods of time due to business mandates, new legislation, or future analysis. In fact, it’s projected that video surveillance cameras will produce 859 petabytes of data daily by 2017*. Choosing the right storage foundation for your video surveillance workflow is essential for being able to manage and analyze video quickly to meet current and future needs.

*IHS 2013 Report

Performance Matters

Today’s video surveillance and physical security infrastructure can often scale to 1000s of hi-res cameras that simultaneously capture and analyze video to be stored securely. In addition, VMS products are now being used to index this content, enabling powerful video search and analysis capabilities. Quantum’s storage infrastructure not only handles this sheer volume of data with ease, but also delivers streaming performance and real-time access to data, regardless of whether it’s on disk, tape, or in the cloud.

Performance Matters
Performance Matters

Scalable Storage to Match Your Growing Infrastructure

Video surveillance professionals demand a storage environment that can scale with the needs of the business, without disruptive forklift updates. It’s important to have a scalable and flexible storage foundation to adjust to changes in image formats, retention policy, or increases in camera counts. Whether you’re storing data on-premise or in the cloud, Quantum can help you architect the best option to ensure you have the performance and access you need.

Store More Content, Spend Less Money

The combination of camera count, retention requirements, and an increase in analytic tools results in more and more data being stored. In order to contain costs, the storage infrastructure must take advantage of multiple technologies like disk, tape, and the cloud. Quantum surveillance storage includes intelligent software that automatically and transparently moves data to the most appropriate tier of storage at the right time, providing a powerful combination of high performance and lowest total cost of ownership.

Store More Content, Spend Less Money
Reliable and Secure Access to Content

Reliable and Secure Access to Content

Video surveillance doesn’t adhere to a “5 Nines” schedule-it’s there to gather data 24 hours a day, every day; and the need to securely access data for investigative and forensic documentation means that a storage platform has to search up to hundreds of petabytes of data without any disruption or downtime. It’s important to maintain data visibility and reliable access regardless of what tier of storage on which the data resides.

Storage Built for Video Surveillance

With Quantum, you no longer have to choose between performance, reliability, and cost-effective storage-you get it all. We help you design and implement a storage solution that puts your data in the right place, at the right time.

Our experience in media and entertainment brings decades of managing large video files and complex media workflows. Quantum StorNext® high-performance shared storage has been built specifically for streaming video capture, retrieval, and analysis. Quantum Scalar® intelligent tape libraries provide the ultimate in cost-efficient and reliable long-term storage. Quantum Lattus™ object storage provides a resilient disk-based storage environment for massive scalability and immediate access.

Performance Matters

Customers Trust Quantum

Performance Matters

Calgary Police manages influx of surveillance video with StorNext petabyte-scale storage system. Faced with managing content for a new body-camera program, the Calgary Police Service braced for a massive increase of new surveillance video.