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Ruckus Beamforming Explained

Wi-Fi networks are evolving along with technology, at a rapid rate.   Ruckus Wireless is at the forefront of this evolution with a myriad of patents that have revolutionized how Wi-Fi networks perform.

In this article, we will talk about beamforming and Ruckus Wireless’ Beamflex+ technology, and most importantly, how it sets itself apart from the competition.  In essence, Ruckus Wireless customers enjoy increased performance and reliability.  That’s the name of the Wi-Fi game these days.  Enjoy!

Beamforming (BeamFlex and BeamFlex+ Adaptive Antenna technology)

What it means:

Beamforming is a technique APs use to focus their radio signals in the direction of the clients they’re communicating with to gain better capacity and throughput. And while “beamforming” and Ruckus’ “Beamflex” technology sound similar, they’re not the same thing!

When most technology vendors talk about beamforming, they mean “transmit beamforming,” (TxBF), which is achieved through signal processing built into the AP’s chip. In contrast, Ruckus’ Beamflex+ technology focuses radio signals using smart adaptive antennas. Beamflex+ is not part of the industry-standard chip. We add this capability—which works at the antenna-level—and we’re the only vendor that has successfully implemented it.

Why you should care:

When APs target their signals directly to clients, the signal is stronger (better throughput), and the overall airspace is cleaner (less interference from signals bouncing all over the place). So we can all agree that beamforming is a good thing. But some vendors claim TxBF is all you need. That’s not quite true.

Transmit beamforming requires feedback from the client—which means devices have to support the TxBF protocol to benefit from it, and many don’t. Transmitters using TxBF also can’t use spatial multiplexing at the same time (another technique that’s widely used to get more capacity in the same airspace).

With Ruckus’ revolutionary BeamFlex and BeamFlex+ Adaptive Antenna technology, you can provide benefits for all clients. So your RF spectrum stays much cleaner, and your network delivers better throughput and reliability. Want to use both? You can: BeamFlex and BeamFlex+ technologies add benefit on top of whatever beamforming technology may be implemented in the chip.

Source: https://www.ruckuswireless.com/rucktionary


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