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Virtualization Software

In the IT and computing world, virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something (a device or resource), such as a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.

Virtualization involves software that powers cloud platforms and applications. Virtualization software is designed to configure and separate physical infrastructures, creating several different, dedicated resources. Among the most popular virtualization software on the market is VMware, although several big tech companies in the enterprise space like Microsoft and Oracle also have their own “flavor “ of virtualization software.

The technology behind virtualization is known as a virtual manager, or virtual machine monitor (VMM), which is installed on a hypervisor. VMMs separate computer environments from the physical hardware, making it possible for a single server to run several operating systems and applications simultaneously. These virtualized systems run independently of the physical infrastructure.

How does virtualization benefit my business or organization?

Virtualizing your computing environments and networks brings many benefits – including lower costs, better backup and disaster recovery, a better testing environment, and better migration to the cloud.

The Top Advantages of Virtualization

One of the key points of interest in virtualization right now is the way it helps companies implement cloud computing. While virtualization is software that manipulates hardware, cloud computing is a service that is made possible by the virtualization of network infrastructure. Cloud computing refers to the services and applications delivered through a (public or private) virtualized environment.

With virtualization, businesses can implement private cloud infrastructures, which have several advantages over public clouds. With a private cloud, your company owns or leases the virtualized hardware and software that provides cloud-based services. But in a public cloud situation, a third-party vendor provides a virtualized environment for multiple clients on a pay-as-you-go usage basis.

Private clouds provide the consumption benefits of cloud computing, as well as increased flexibility and control over your infrastructure. Public clouds are open to several users, but often suffer from greater security risks and performance latency issues relative to private clouds.

Other benefits of virtualization on a private cloud:

Increased ROI: Virtualization enables you to streamline and maximize resources, reducing the amount of physical hardware needed to maintain and provides greater value and usage for the servers you actually need. In a traditional system, most servers are underused, but virtualization optimizes your hardware capacity.

Greater Flexibility: Virtualization allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems on the same hardware. You can configure a virtualized environment to support different operating systems for workstations, and run almost any application on any machine.

Budget Integration: Virtualization makes it easier to monitor and control your IT budget, since the costs of administration, management and infrastructure maintenance remain a direct IT cost.

Can your business or organization benefit from virtualization?

To determine whether virtualization is the right solution, you must consider your organization’s unique needs and requirements to efficiently operate and function on a day-to-day basis:

• How would virtualization integrate with your existing systems?
• Who will provide support for the virtualized environment, your scalability and security needs?
• What’s the overall cost of migrating to a virtual private cloud?

Bottom Line: if your organization needs more control and greater security for your infrastructure, virtualization may be ideal for you. Teoma Systems has over a 10 years experience building, implementing and maintaining virtual environments for companies and organizations throughout Michigan and the U.S. Contact Teoma Systems for a free consultation and assessment of your network to see if virtualization is right solution for you.