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Zero-day and ransomware attacks such as WannaCry have wreaked havoc on thousands of people. They have been eluding virtually all AV/endpoint security and so called ‘next-gen’ solutions, except for Bitdefender.

Powered by machine learning algorithms perfected over more than 10 years, the software consistently ranks first in independent tests for protection, performance and usability.

In March 2018, Bitdefender was awarded the prestigious AV-Test Best Protection 2017 and AV-Test Best Performance 2017.  These awards are given for achieving the maximum detection score and demonstrating the lowest impact on protected machines.  Each test was conducted throughout the year.

Take Advantage of Coverage through Teoma Managed Services

Check out our Teoma Managed Services page to see how Teoma has added Bitdefender coverage as part of our Managed Services Offering.   To learn more about how to get coverage for your business, contact us at 248-614-6600, or leave us a message on our Inquiry Page

Check out further information by visiting their website.

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