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About Teoma Systems

Founded in 1993, Teoma Systems is a leading systems integrator providing voice, video and data solutions, IT professional services, support, and supplemental staffing to over 1000 businesses throughout the greater Detroit area, southeastern Michigan, and across the Midwest. Our solutions improve shareholder and stakeholder returns by giving customers a sustainable competitive advantage.

As a privately held firm, we view our customers as our investors. We credit our success to an unwavering devotion to delighting customers. We pledge to be the most competitive and service-driven company in the industry – both today and into the future. We fulfill that promise by treating all customers as individuals and understanding their individual needs.

The Teoma Systems team is passionate, experienced, certified, honest, and responsive. We are a conscientious partner and view moral character as our most compelling asset. The way we look at it, it’s not about making a sale. It’s about building a longstanding partnership.

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Our Team

At Teoma Systems we work as a team. Although we are a flat organization in terms of hierarchy, everyone has their specific roles and responsibilities.

Management Team

Teoma’s leadership team has on average 28 years of industry experience. This allows us to determine our core competencies and mesh them with our customers' ever-changing technology needs.

Technical Staff

We will confidently put our technical staff’s capabilities up against any of our competitors. This is what truly separates us from the rest. Our team’s average industry tenure is 25 years, with an average Teoma Systems tenure of 14.5 years. Our techs are certified and trained across multiple technology disciplines. We have been servicing customers since 1993 and have seen just about everything related to IT challenges. This experience is priceless when troubleshooting issues for our customers.

Service Delivery Team

Teoma is the team that makes it happen. Once again, we have tremendous tenure and experience with our service delivery team. That is the key to getting things done right and on time. Maybe even more important than that is the collective desire to delight our customers. That is what sets up apart from the others.
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Our Market

We serve both Michigan-based companies and global organizations that view their communication and information systems as enablers to delivering their products and services. Teoma Systems can serve single-site entities and those with an international presence in markets throughout the globe.

Resolve Problems

One Company, Many Solutions

Organizations invest in a product or service to capitalize on an opportunity or resolve an existing or potential problem. Our solutions-based approach begins with a thorough understanding of your business and technology environment, which enables us to provide the optimal solution for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

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CommITted to You!

At Teoma Systems, we understand that we are here to serve our clients. That’s our job, that’s our mission, it’s what we do. Every single employee believes in this mission and works every day to fulfill it. You can check the box with Teoma Systems!

Our commitment to our clients runs deep and is demonstrated in the following ways:

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  • All installation and service work is performed by Teoma badged employees. You will never see our B-Team. We don’t have one.
  • All work performed by highly trained and certified technicians and engineers
  • Our average employee tenure is over 10 years!
  • You are assigned a dedicated project manager and sales representative
  • Our clients receive a dedicated support line and email address
  • 95% of support desk calls are answered in 4 rings or less by a live human being
  • Big company results with small company attention
  • We are local to Southeast Michigan, based in Troy
  • Teoma Systems is multi-disciplined technology company, a virtual one stop shop
  • Our trained technicians can handle all your IT needs, or assist on an as needed basis
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Our work is not complete until you are satisfied
  • We set all expectations in advance and supply a clear and concise scope of work
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Be a Trusted Partner

We consult with our customers by asking specific questions and then listening to their responses. This helps determine actual needs and the solution that best fits those needs.

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Provide Optimum Solutions

Provide the solutions that best fits our customer’s unique situation.

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Enjoy what we do, each other, and our customers. We love making new friends.

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Get it Done

Work with a sense of urgency to meet customer expectations.

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Put The Customer First

Do what we can to delight our customers. We don’t exist without happy customers.