Cabling is a very important aspect of your network

Cabling is a crucial aspect of your network but is often overlooked. Why is that? After all, your network is only as fast and efficient as your cabling, no matter what hardware you have in front of it.

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Teoma Systems offers a full range of infrastructure cabling solutions.

Teoma Systems offers a full range of infrastructure cabling solutions. Perhaps cabling is overlooked because it’s not flashy. There are no pretty lights on a cable, and it’s usually preferred that it’s hidden from sight, and it comes without bells and whistles. However, if your building is cabled correctly, it can reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary, preventable mistakes.

Teoma Systems offers a full range of infrastructure cabling solutions.

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Low Voltage Infrastructure Data and Voice Cabling

Teoma Systems has years of experience installing cable in all sizes of office buildings, manufacturing plants, and warehouses throughout the state of Michigan.

  • We provide and install:  CAT5, CAT6, and CAT6A (along with fiber and cabling used for sound and sensors).
  • We provide cabling for data networks, telephone systems, surveillance systems, Wi-Fi networks, audio/video systems, and sound masking.
  • We work in new construction or remodeling of existing suites or building.
  • We provide labeling, testing, and certification.
  • We work with existing server rooms to improve cable management (cable room cleanup)

Teoma Systems can assist with your fiber installation project.  From soup to nuts we can provide the materials and labor for a complete installation.

  • We work with all types of Fiber including single mode and multimode fiber.
  • We provide all connectors to integrate with your existing network gear.
  • We consult, design, recommend, and install.
  • We have worked with dozens of office and manufacturing plant buildings to help connect MDF’s and IDF’s as well as campus environments where buildings are connected with fiber.  This includes businesses, schools, and government facilities.
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Sound and Security System Cabling

Teoma Systems provides cabling materials and installation for your sound and security projects, including:

  • Paging Systems
  • Sound Masking
  • Audio/Video conference rooms
  • Video Surveillance
  • Door Access
  • Digital Signage

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