Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage cabling serves as the foundation for network infrastructure, ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of applications and data. A high-quality low voltage cabling infrastructure creates a network that is easy to troubleshoot and manage, with the bandwidth to support your ever-increasing business needs.

Teoma Systems specializes in the design, installation, and implementation of low voltage cabling infrastructure that works in concert with your organization’s long-term IT strategy. We are one of the leading low voltage cable installers for businesses in Michigan. With over 20 years experience, you can feel confident we can help your company implement a low voltage cabling and wiring solution that enables you to gain all the benefits of Gigabit Ethernet and 10GbE technology. We can also help you determine if it makes sense to transition to fiber-optic cabling to take advantage of 40GbE or 100GbE solutions.

Our low voltage cable engineers are certified to implement a wide range of copper, fiber-optic and other low-voltage cabling solutions. We can also clean up an existing closet or design a new cabling plan custom-tailored for your specifications.

  • Cabling Design and Implementation
  • Tracing, Toning, Testing and Tagging
  • Fiber-Optic Cabling Installations including Point-To-Point and Fiber Splitting
  • Data Center Cleanup and Cable Recycling
  • Sound and Security System Cabling/Wiring

If you’re relying more and more on wireless (Wi-Fi), high-quality cabling is an absolute must. Today’s 802.11n wireless LAN solutions require at least Category 5e (Cat5e) cabling, while new 802.11ac technology demands Category 6 (Cat6). We can help you upgrade your cabling plan to ensure the performance of your wireless LAN.
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At Teoma, our staff of certified Engineers and Technicians are experts in solving a variety of complex problems and providing a multitude of services relating to your Network. We are ready to identify and resolve a problem, provide, manage and deploy solutions. Our engineers are committed to each individual project and are available as long and as often as needed.

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