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Ongoing Cyber Awareness, Simplified by Automation


Safe cybersecurity

Some companies are held back from performing safe cybersecurity measures because of a lack of adequate cybersecurity training, and a lack of cybersecurity prioritization by senior management because training can appear to be time consuming and costly.   The truth is that taking steps towards adequate cybersecurity practices is not always a burden financially and should be at the top of the priority list in order to prevent data loss and unwanted downtime.
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Usecure empowers professionals

Usecure empowers professionals to have their own cyber awareness training programs to roll out to all employees.  Choose the frequency and duration of programs and the platform will automatically tailor the curriculum to the employees’ knowledge levels on an individual basis.  As employees gain more knowledge through the system, more challenging content will be presented.

Usecure can be deployed in minutes and features customizable progress reports for managers as well as real time reporting.