Video Surveillance

Today’s high-speed Internet-based networks are capable of carrying a wide range of services, including high-quality video. With an IP video surveillance system, video is captured and transmitted by digital cameras attached to the network, enabling security personnel to monitor the cameras from any Internet connection on virtually any device.

Attaching video surveillance equipment to the data network eliminates the need to manage and maintain a separate, legacy system. Teoma Systems can help you take advantage of an intelligent IP video surveillance system that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional analog systems and provides new features and functionality. An intelligent video system:

  • Initiates video recording, alarms or other actions
  • Automatically analyzes and tags surveillance video in real time
  • Detects suspicious activities
  • Alerts operators or field personnel
  • Enables users to be proactive

Teoma Systems can assess your current premises security environment and design a solution that helps you maximize your existing infrastructure and realize a greater return on your IT investment. Our engineers are trained and certified in a variety of operating systems and video surveillance equipment and can provide design, configuration, and installation of cameras, video encoders, video servers, video software and video storage solutions.

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At Teoma, our staff of certified Engineers and Technicians are experts in solving a variety of complex problems and providing a multitude of services relating to your Network. We are ready to identify and resolve a problem, provide, manage and deploy solutions. Our engineers are committed to each individual project and are available as long and as often as needed.

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