Avoid Becoming a Victim of Email Spoofing

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Email Spoofing – one of the most common ways the bad guys look to gain access to your sensitive information is via phishing or email spoofing.

How is email spoofing done?

The email may look like it’s coming from someone you know, when it in reality is not.  It is important to take a close look at the email address and the content of the message.  For example, the cybercriminal may ask you to :

–          Provide personal information or financial information

–          Send intellectual property

–          Transfer or wire funds

–          Provide some type of login information

–          Download a file

–          Click on a link or open an attachment

This type of phishing can be tough to identify if employees regularly transmit sensitive information over email.  Even if you are expecting an email asking you to provide sensitive information, it is best practice for companies to have a confirmation plan.  For example, employees can call the individual on the phone to confirm the date and time of the email sent, and that it is legitimate.

Why is email spoofing important?


Email spoofing has the ability to compromise not only your sensitive information, but your company’s entire network and any other devices your computer/phone/tablet may be connected to.  Once the cybercriminals have a way in to your network, they may leave you alone or let their virus remain dormant for days or even weeks before attacking.  Once an attack happens, it can cripple a company’s ability to conduct business for days until files are restored or unlocked.  If a cybercriminal succeeds in convincing an employee to transfer funds, it may cost a company thousands of dollars that cannot be reclaimed.

What can you do about email spoofing?

–          Educate employees about the dangers of email spoofing, and how to identify email spoofing.

–          Institute procedures on how to electronically transmit sensitive information.

–          Form a plan on what to do if the company network is compromised.

–          Lean on the IT department to install and maintain spam and malware filters for the company’s email platform.  Some services, such as Teoma Secure, can identify and quarantine malicious emails before they hit employees’ inboxes.

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