Teoma Systems: Four Recommendations for Cyber Security Preparedness

As the COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on security practices for many businesses, I’d like to share with you some key cyber security preparedness recommendations that we here at Teoma have identified: 


Train your employees on basic web and email safety practices.   Many cyber-attacks are disguised as links, attachments, or email messages.  Are your employees trained to identify suspicious activity?


Maintain an internal cyberattack “task force” and have a solid emergency plan should an attack occur.  What happens if you cannot access any files/use computers/use phones for a day/week/month?  Do you have a person responsible for assisting in a crisis situation?  Do you have contingency plans for what the rest of your employees will do? 


Determine the business cost of a cyber-attack.  Can you really afford downtime in your business?  


Invest in a combination of antimalware software, spam filters, and remote monitoring software.   This will help to automate some of the cybersecurity processes.  Some software products can even identify, isolate, and solve issues all on its own.  


Do you have questions on any of the above?  Are there any initiatives you want to discuss further?  Email sales@teomasystems.com or call 248-614-6600

Located in Troy and founded in 1993 Teoma Systems is a local leader in providing best in class IT solutions from industry leaders. All Teoma Systems solutions are engineered and supported by local Teoma Systems employees. Teoma’s technical staff averages over fifteen years of industry experience and ten years employment with Teoma. Attracting and retaining such a skilled staff requires providing associates an environment that rewards creativity, teamwork, and personal development.

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