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How you provide IT support for your organization is one of the most critical decisions a business owner or manager can make.  After all, everyone knows the stress computer or network problems can cause when systems are down, not to mention the direct and indirect added costs incurred by a business due to an outage.

So, what are your options?  There are three:

  1. In-house IT support.  Hire, train, and maintain your own IT staff.
  2. Co-Managed.  Hire a person or two, and outsource some of the workload or some things that require specific expertise that your in-house people may not possess.
  3. Fully Managed.  This is where the term Managed Server Provider (MSP) comes in.  This outsources all of your IT support to a company that provides the people and tools to keep your network safe and up and running.
So, which is best for you?  Teoma Systems provides support in all three ways listed above.  Our goal is to always steer our customers in the right direction based on their unique needs.
To get started, visit our Managed Services Page, or submit your questions and contact info here.
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Located in Troy and founded in 1993 Teoma Systems is a local leader in providing best in class IT solutions from industry leaders. All Teoma Systems solutions are engineered and supported by local Teoma Systems employees. Teoma’s technical staff averages over fifteen years of industry experience and ten years employment with Teoma. Attracting and retaining such a skilled staff requires providing associates an environment that rewards creativity, teamwork, and personal development.

Managed Services – Phone Systems – Carrier Services – Data Networking – Wi-Fi – Video Surveillance – Low Voltage Cabling – Cloud Services – IT Services – IT Staff Augmentation – Voice – Firewalls – Cybersecurity – Help Desk Support – Cost Containment – SDWAN

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Since 1993, Teoma has been an IT Systems Integrator and Services firm specializing in the delivery and support of converged solutions across Systems, Networks and Applications. Our expertise spans both legacy and current technologies.

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