Technology Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Technology Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Things are moving very quickly when it comes to technology and the challenges we have faced lately.  Here are a couple of interesting facts:

  • A recent Harris survey shows that 36% of the US workforce now works from home.  It was as high as 40%, and who knows which way it will go in the future.  As a matter of fact, some companies have adapted well and have no plans to ever go back to the office.
  • On the flip side, another poll shows that 50% of business were unprepared to face a scenario is which they would have to migrate their entire workforce in a work-from-home environment.

Important must-haves to work from home:

  • A reliable internet service and Wi-Fi system
  • Reliable voice communication system and devices
  • IP phone (cloud based phones systems are a great way to meet all of your mobile workers communication needs)
  • Soft client on a lap top (available with most cloud based phone systems and through an upgraded license on a premise based system)
  • Headset or speaker, microphone
  • A video conferencing solution
  • Comfortable and quiet work area
  • USB docking stations make for convenient connection (Wavlink makes a couple of nice models)
  • Surge protected power outlets (make sure it has a USB connection or two for various devices if you don’t have a USB docking station)
  • Stand up balance board.  Works great if you have a stand up desk and is a great way to keep moving.  You know what they say, sitting is the new smoking.  Keep the blood flowing by moving throughout the day, it’s very important.
  • Internet-connected coffee mug.  Didn’t see that one coming did you?  Yes there is such a thing and how great is it when you get busy and your coffee stays warm.  Of course it works through an app on your cell phone.  Who knew?
  • An absolute must is a secure connection to your company server (security is of the utmost importance these days).  Here are some interesting security findings:
    • 93% of human risk factors involve employees using old passwords for accounts.
    • 87% of all misconfigurations involve having WinRM Service enabled and poorly configured.
    • 47% of all reported network-level attacks involve SMB exploits.
    • 42% of all reported network-level attacks involve brute force attempts on RDP and FTP.
    • There has been a 46% increase in suspicious IoT (internet of things) incidents in households throughout the first half of 2020.
    • 4 in 10 emails on the Coronavirus topic are fraud, phishing, or malware.
    • 64% of all reported unpatched vulnerabilities involve CVE’s (common vulnerabilities and exposures) that are older than 2018.

That’s a lot of statistics, but as they say, figures don’t lie, liars figure.  The fact remains that network security is of the utmost importance.  Deploying mobile workers has added to that challenge.  If you haven’t made significant changes to your network security controls and policies to accommodate for the employee devices connecting to your corporate infrastructure from untrusted networks, you may want to make it a priority.

We can help.  We have enabled hundreds of people to work effectively and securely from home.  We have also assisted dozens of companies with their network security needs.  If you need assistance with your mobile workforce (other than internet-connected coffee mugs, we don’t sell them), and the security measures to protect your network, give us a call.  We can discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution just for you that provides a fantastic way to stay connected to customers, coworkers and information, while providing a level of security that meets your corporate standards.

Let us know if you would like to start the conversation – call us at 248-614-6600, or email

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