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When identifying the most important tools that can be used for securing a company’s network, there are some obvious items such as firewalls, antivirus, and email protection.  But as we have previously discussed, there is much more to the story.

The bad guys continue to evolve and find new ways to penetrate company’s networks.  A sound approach by using the three aforementioned items just isn’t enough these days.   Things like multi-factor authentication (MFA), backups, and password management, and more, have become equally important.

One item that doesn’t get all the glory, but is really the guts and glue of a good security strategy is network monitoring, often referred to as Remote Monitoring and Management or RMM.   This important piece of the solution ties everything together and makes you instantly aware if something such as your antivirus software is not functioning on a particular workstation, or your security patches are out of date (it can monitor hundreds of other things like CPU temperature and even perform automated fixes for some common issues).

A good network monitoring and management solution works 24/7/365, provides automated patches (highly integrated) and sends instant notifications when something is awry.  If you are outsourcing IT support, it is important that your IT vendor provides you with a quality monitoring solution, and it is important that it ties to their internal dispatch system to alert techs when there is an issue.

Here are the RMM packages that Teoma Systems provides along with what is included with each package.

Note: The two on the right include employee training (a top priority) and backup (also extremely important). 

To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary network assessment, please contact your Teoma Systems representative.  Our assessments are an important first step in making sure your network and your data are properly secured.

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Located in Troy and founded in 1993 Teoma Systems is a local leader in providing best in class IT solutions from industry leaders. All Teoma Systems solutions are engineered and supported by local Teoma Systems employees. Teoma’s technical staff averages over fifteen years of industry experience and ten years employment with Teoma. Attracting and retaining such a skilled staff requires providing associates an environment that rewards creativity, teamwork, and personal development.

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